Do you feel it is time to take the step that you (consciously or unconsciously) have been feeling coming for a while? Do you really want to stand up for yourself and your personal process?

Are you ready to recognize your emotional world and to develop that which makes you feel like a healthy person again, ready to make your unique contribution to the world

Do you have longings for more nature around you, to live from within, in connection with others and in the freedom to be who you are?

What does a trajectory look like?

To feel whether Live-to-be is a place that is right for you to stay for a while and to get to know us, you always come by for an introductory meeting first. During this meeting we will look together at what your trajectory will look like. How do you envision it, your time here? What would you like to learn, develop and give space within yourself?

During your period here, there is plenty of room for your own process. The freedom that exists within live-to-be also stimulates the freedom in you as a participant. You may learn to organize your life as it is with what lives in you. By living here, by being and by trying and experiencing, you can discover what only you can bring to the world.

We see your potential and we are happy to support you in living that potential.

In practice, this means that one of the team members is your regular contact person who goes through the week at the beginning of the week. You also have a coaching session every week. Furthermore, there is no fixed weekly program, because we always coordinate with you what you need. However, every weekday the day is opened by means of yoga, meditation, Qi gong, etc. In addition, there are daily joint eating moments and we hold a weekly sharing circle. Often fun activities arise spontaneously such as a creative afternoon, making music, around the campfire or dancing.

Literally and figuratively there is plenty of room to give space to what wants to be seen in you.

Being a participant on Live-to-be also means that you are part of the community that all participants, team members and volunteers form together. You participate in the whole, which means that you contribute to it, such as helping with cooking and cleaning.

From your own impulse you feel how you want to contribute to the whole in your own way. Maybe that is helping in the garden or construction, or you want to develop your own project.

If we mutually feel that you do not fit in our project, we will provide an optional alternative from our wide network in the Netherlands and abroad.

For parents, counselors and policymakers we have a more goal-oriented version of a counseling process. See our healthcare offer.

“Freedom is not just about doing where your inspiration lies. Freedom is also feeling that you are seen in who you are and that everything of you may be there: your thoughts & feelings, your vulnerability, your ideas, your desires. Experience your own passion!”



Introductory meeting: free

Costs per month if you have to pay for the entire process yourself: 1350 euros (this includes 21% VAT).

Costs per month for financing from collective financing, for example PGB: from 1650 euros, depending on the intensity of guidance.

Two-day energy workshop: 275 euros (this includes 21% VAT). In the future we will be offering this two-day workshop more often. Follow the agenda for this.


How to finance

For financial support for a longer stay, it is useful to investigate your options for a PGB. Your municipality is obliged to support you financially if there is no other suitable education for you.


How others have experienced it

“I joined Live-to-Be for a monthly journey in February 2019. I was there just getting out of my normal life for a while and figuring out what my next step would be.

When I was there I was the only one on a route there and I slept in a caravan because the youth building was not finished at the time. Well, I am not someone who needs a lot of luxury, but in the end it is about the people. Jaap and Joanne are very nice, warm people who quickly made me feel at home there, and also very clearly radiate that intention. “Yoga and breakfast in the morning with Jaap and the conversations we had along with it, and the sessions with Joanne where very special things happened for me, which meant that that month was actually only very short. It was also nice to roll up your sleeves every now and then.

During my stay I found a new layer in myself and feel like a freer person with a clearer idea of ​​what I want, and this was an experience that will stay with me all my life. It certainly wasn’t the last time I was there, because it feels like a second home.”


“During my time on live-to-be, I was able to land more within myself. Before I came here I often felt over-stimulated and out of touch with my own energy. Being outside, interacting with other young people and the sessions with Joanne have helped me enormously in landing in myself. I discovered that I actually have a lot of energy at my disposal, and now that I have landed more within myself, that I am much less likely to become over-stimulated. I am in touch with my own life energy again, and feel the power and purpose to shape my life how it works for me.”


Are you interested in this trajectory and would like to know more? Send an e-mail: