Live to Be is a place to dream yourself and discover and live your vision

Live to Be

We are Stichting Live-to-Be, a residential, learning and living community in Almere Oosterwold for young people between 17 and 30 years old, who are at a crossroads in their lives. These young people find it difficult to link up with regular schools, courses or work.

They often feel unseen and get out of touch with themselves. This sometimes makes you lonely or leads to depression or burnout. Young people with severe trauma sometimes also need a reset to make a new start in their life. This makes them appear to be a vulnerable target group because they do not fit into, or appear to comply with, existing structures and expectations of society.

Live-to-Be encourages these young people to make their unique contribution to our rapidly changing society. Because right now their new input is desperately needed and important.


In Live-to-Be, young people can land within themselves. They discover their talents and thus get inspired again. They come into contact with their passion and start doing projects that are close to their hearts and dreams. They learn to be self-managing and enterprising in a way that is friendly to themselves and to their environment. In Live-to-Be they develop “skills” with which they can take the next step in their lives based on self-confidence. This is often a big step forward because these young people have many talents.

what do we offer?

  • An experimental and holistic environment in which we live together in an atmosphere of co-creation.
  • A free environment. This creates a special invitation to take on new challenges, self-development and self-reflection, open conversations, working together, living together.

Each trajectory is tailored to the participant and includes coaching, life therapy, creative therapy, yoga, meditation, healthy organic food, working in our permaculture garden and in construction projects, creative expression and much more.

Live-to-Be is a place for young people who want to make a fresh start in their life.


life entrepreneurs

The Live-to-Be team members who carry the project call themselves life entrepreneurs. As a life entrepreneur you are entrepreneurial in life, you are self-aware in contact with your qualities and you follow your passion. You have the necessary skills to convert your passion into a product or service. This also forms the basis of your existence. You take your place in the world based on trust. You dare to take risks in this to bring something new.
The carriers / initiators of Live-to-Be are all independent life entrepreneurs. They all have experience in shaping their inspiration in their own way. Meet the life entrepreneurs of Live-to-Be.


We consciously choose to live together as a community. A community is a living community. We do many things together such as cooking, eating, taking care of the garden, creative things. There are many open conversations and everyone is a kind of mirror for each other. Each also has its own space.


Our garden occupies a central place: for mediation, to work in, to experience nature, to make a fire, to bake pizza or just to be in. The garden also provides us with organic fruits and vegetables for at least six months a year.

Our vision

“We believe that the new generation of young people contains solutions for a new clean earth. She is born with great wakefulness and awareness. She propagates values ​​that have not been learned. The result is a natural sensitivity and contact with everything that lives, visible and often invisible. Great sensitivity makes you feel everything, even what is not in balance, is limiting in thinking and holds on to the old. ‘

‘To feel and experience yourself in who you really are, you need a place where there is that balance and where there is love for you as a unique person. “

‘We believe in’ Naturally high ‘. People come here to open and / or raise their consciousness. Our community facilitates this without the use of resources. ‘

How we started

Live-to-Be was initiated by Jaap Vermue and Joanne van Wijgerden. Originated from a feeling that many young people are out of place in the ordinary social field because they are different and have different needs of life. Joanne and Jaap started organizing Summer Camps, Winter Camps and the like in 2012. For a week, 20-25 young people aged 16-35 came together to live together for a week, to go into depth with each other, exchange, dance, have fun and so on. This under the guidance of Jaap and Joanne and two English friends John and Elaine von Nuding.

Such a week had so much impact on the participants that the desire arose to create a place where young people can spend a little longer to be closer to themselves and connect with what they really want in their lives.


We have many plans for the near future. Exchange projects with young people from other countries, inspiration weekends for young people, a course for life entrepreneurs, permaculture workshops, etc.