Our garden has a vegetable garden, food forest, a large greenhouse, ponds, a mandala garden and there is still space that can be filled in. The design and care of the garden is based on permaculture and biodynamic agriculture. Flowers, vegetables, fruit and weeds are mixed up and create a colorful and lively garden where everything functions as a whole.
Working from permaculture means taking care of the earth and people and sharing fairly together. It is a sustainable form of agriculture in which cooperation with nature is central.

“In that sense, permaculture is not just about the garden but about our whole life: working with nature within and outside of ourselves and drawing inspiration and creativity from it.”

The garden is provided by two team members who are trained in biodynamic agriculture and permaculture. Volunteers and participants also help. We also organize working days where people work in the garden.

Food from the garden

The seeds we plant in our garden are organic. We eat from our garden and greenhouse for a large part of the year. This way we eat organically and with the seasons. The one who cooks goes into the garden and chooses what he or she harvests. In the summer we eat colorful salads with edible flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. In winter we feast on potato and celeriac stew. Eating from your own garden also means a different way of cooking: moving with nature and being creative in this. How nature works and how nature works with it provides flexibility and new ways of looking and acting.

“We feel so rich with our garden. The garden also feeds us on deeper layers than just nutrients. We experience the life force, silence, healing and connection with mother earth. Thank you, dear garden. “


Nature is as it is and therein lies pure beauty. Nature-Art is a way to emphasize this side of nature. We have created a mandala garden where, based on the seven chakras, (medicinal) herbs and flowers grow.

“Our mandala garden has a healing and soothing effect through its shape, energy and plants.”

When designing the garden, we always look for the harmony and balance of the garden as a whole.

We use nature in personal expression. This has a grounding and healing effect and connects us with our own nature. For example, we are experimenting with dye plants to make our own pigments.

“Smelling, feeling, tasting, hearing, seeing open in new ways and strengthen your intuition and creativity. “

Our garden is constantly in motion because of the expressions of those who live here. You can see this in the use of stones and woodwork that are personal expressions in the garden.

Ecological building

The Lichtschip is built with natural materials such as straw, wood, clay and products derived thereof: gutex wood wool boards as insulation and vermacel (a healthier variant of plasterboard). The interior walls are finished with clay, sometimes with clay paint or chalk paint.

This construction means that the building is vapor permeable, so it breathes and feels very pleasant.

Grass grows on the roof on the north side and solar panels on the south side.

The building is so well insulated that with the solar panels and heat pump it is energy neutral and generates energy in the summer. You understand it. We are very proud of our Lightship.