Team members

Our Live-to-Be team consists of five people with different backgrounds and experiences. As a team, we believe it is important to live together with the people who follow a program with us. All team members have a strong relationship with consciousness development and most have a therapeutic background. All team members have a strong motivation to commit themselves to the Live-to-Be target group. Together we carry both the project and the practical living space, including the garden and the lightship.

For more information about our backgrounds and motivation, please visit the team page.


Today, more and more people feel that they need to live in a more direct relationship with each other. From connection, involvement, conviviality and freedom. Live-to-Be is a community or living community. In a community setting it is important to be able to be on your own as well as with each other. Everyone has their own place and together we share a large kitchen and living room. “In the morning there is a joint moment of yoga, dance, meditation or something like that. They eat together during lunch and dinner. If someone wants to be on their own, he or she will come and get a plate of food. We eat vegetarian or vegan. Everyone cooks and participates in household chores.



Live-to-Be is


The Lightship was built with 40 international volunteers. Also the garden, the shed, the greenhouse. Volunteers have been very important in all projects within Live-to-Be. The first three years we always had 3 or 4 volunteers who stayed with us for a month or more. They all came from their hearts to contribute to this project. That can be felt in the Lightship. It was built with a lot of love.
We currently have a permanent volunteer from Erasmus + who is with us for a year and takes on various tasks. We also have volunteers for certain projects and the garden. If we have a question for a volunteer, we will post it on our facebookpage or on Workaway.

Our animals

Animals are our fellow residents.
Unfortunately, our piece of land is not big enough for sheep and a horse.
We are very happy with our cats, chickens and our rooster.


The team members together form the Cooperative Live-to-Be. Within the cooperative we arrange all day-to-day affairs within the total project. The guidance of participants also falls within the cooperative.

All team members are members. We deliberately opted for a cooperative as a legal form, because in this way all team members have equal say and bear equal responsibility to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

We do this in a way that fits our vision and in which we shape what we call “the new earth”. For us this means working together on the basis of equality, freedom, from unconditional love, with respect for nature and our environment and everything on a human scale.


Cooperative data:

Address: Ubuntulaan 31, 1349 EH Almere

Bank account number: NL96TRIO 0338 6375 32

RSIN: 857597309

Chamber of Commerce: 68799063



Live-to-Be is a foundation. That is, there is no personal property underlying the project.
The Live-to-Be Foundation is the manager and owner of the Lightship and the tiny houses under construction as a place to live for the team members.


The Lightship is financed with loans from family, friends and acquaintances. Jaap and Joanne, the original initiators of the project, have bought the land. After that, friends jumped in to make their contribution.
We organized a large crowdfunding at the end of 2020 to obtain final financing. We then received a total of 20,000 euros out of a total amount of more than 7.5 tons.

We are still looking for investors to finance the new Tiny houses to be built and unfortunately we are still missing an amount in the final financing of the Lightship. If you are interested, please contact Jaap.



Donations are welcome. We work with low rates to make it possible for many young people to follow a program, even if no PGB reimbursement is possible.